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weight-life balance


Welcome to weight-life balance!

Congratulations on taking this first step in the direction of reaching your optimal weight and attaining an improved quality of life. weight-life balance stands for balanced nutrition, realistic targets and practical tips to implement the advice in your daily life. weight-life balance tailors programmes to your individual needs and way of living. Whether or not you are leading an irregular life, together we can look at how to best integrate the programme to fit your lifestyle.

At weight-life balance we do not believe in pills and powders and the advice is based on the principles of wholesome food. Our target is to enhance your knowledge about healthy nutrition, to let you experience how it can work for you, so that you yourself can make your own healthy choices and are not dependent on weekly or monthly menus.

Who can benefit from this site?

This site is meant for everyone who wants to or must do something about his or her weight. Whether you do to increase health, to improve energy levels, wellbeing or to overcome or avoid complaints. Everyone can profit from our advice and coaching, whatever your situation. Get in touch with weight-life balance for more information.