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weight-life balance

Exercise and Sports

Are you training for a marathon and do you want the right nutrition to support you and enhance your performance? Get in touch with weight-life balance for a programme tailor made for you. But an active lifestyle does not come naturally to everyone and some even dislike all forms of exercise. However, most people should be able to do some form of activity even a few minutes per day will make a difference.

The combination of adapting your nutrition and increasing exercise is the best way to manage your weight and become (or remain) fit and healthy.

Nordic Walking, for example, is an excellent way to be more active and a great way to get results. You are out in the open, you can still talk with your companion and this ensures that you do not overdo it and get out of breath. Nordic walking can be done anywhere and at any time all you need is 2 walking sticks and a pair of trainers.

Even if you are not active at present and think you do not have any spare time you should try to reserve at least half an hour per day just for yourself. Plan this time to relax into your daily schedule just as you would do with other appointments. Perhaps, at a later stage, you can fill these 30 minutes with exercise such as walking or hiking.

Every beginning is difficult, but you will see results soon and after a while it will become part of your lifestyle and you will not want to give it up.

In cooperation with our partners, weight-life balance organizes Nordic Walking training for individuals, groups, clubs and on request also for companies.

Contact weight-life balance for more information.