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weight-life balance

About you

You have indicated that you want to know more about healthy nutrition and you are searching for tips. Which food choices are best for you, for work lunches, for your family, for when you go out to dinner, for when you are travelling on business or for pleasure, or for when you are on the go?

One tip we can already give you: make sure you always carry a handful (about 30 grams) of assorted nuts such as hazelnuts, walnuts or almonds (not sugared or coated). You will kill several birds with one stone: it is a good source of essential fats (Omega 6), it is a source of proteins and vitamins and it keeps hunger at bay because nuts have a low glycaemic index. It is also an excellent snack in between meals for children, subject to them not being allergic to nuts.

This tip is only one example of the useful advice that will be tailored to your situation. Get in touch with weight-life balance for more information and a first consultation.